Application Seminars

These seminars provide participants with direct experience with the models to begin application, through hands-on exercises, group discussions, and facilitator demonstrations. Participants will leave the course with a first-draft system populated to continue implementation on their own.

Mastering Workflow

Seven hours. Open to all and ideal for those new or experienced with GTD. Detailed instruction on the model for Mastering Workflow (Collect, Process, Organize, Review, and Do.) Ideal for groups who want to dive deeply into the models for defining projects, actions, and managing email, with time in the seminar for examples, group discussion, and hands-on practice with the models. This is our most popular seminar, as it gives participants a great opportunity to get the fundamentals of GTD down, with time built in during the class to begin applying what they are learning.

Managing Workflow, Projects & Priorities

Twelve hours over two consecutive days. Open to all and ideal for those new or experienced with GTD. Includes all of the content in the one-day Mastering Workflow class, with even more time for application and examples. The second day of this course expands into priorities, the power of outcome focus, and project planning. The afternoon of the second day features the Natural Planning Model®, giving participants an opportunity to creatively plan one of their projects—from defining its purpose to drilling down to tactical Next Actions.

Managing Projects & Priorities

Seven hours. Available only to graduates of our other GTD seminars. Starts with a brief review of the Mastering Workflow model to bring all of the participants together on the same page of best practices, then expands into the priorities model and creatively planning projects with the Natural Planning Model®. This course is essentially a stand-alone version of the second day of Managing Workflow, Projects & Priorities. Many clients choose to offer this course several months after their staff have gone through the Mastering Workflow course and have the fundamental system in place.

Making It All Work

Eight hours. Led exclusively by David Allen. Open to all. Fast-paced presentation reviewing the Mastering Workflow model, priorities model, and making change stick. A dynamic and engaging presentation. Best suited for those who want an overview of the “whole game.” Less hands-on time building the core components of a system than our more tactical Mastering Workflow course, but is sure to inspire participants to think about their work and life in new ways.

All of our on-site courses include learning support for further implementation and mastery of what they learned in the classroom course, including:

  • Extensive workbook with our full GTD Implementation Guide
  • Jumpstart booklet to create their first draft system
  • One year of unlimited access to GTD Connect®, where they can participate in regular webinars and discussion forums, and access our extensive audio, video, and document libraries

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