Built upon David Allen’s groundbreaking methodology for achieving control and focus amidst a world of constant change and ever-increasing input, these powerful programs and series of courses deliver a highly effective, streamlined, and sustainable way to get meaningful things done.

Developed and tested in the most demanding business environments in the world, the courses provide comprehensive learning and training in the gold standard of personal productivity: the GTD® methodology. Based on the international bestselling book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, the series provides the best in classroom and virtual instruction, capable of being implemented in work and life, immediately.

It has proven equally valuable to individuals and organizations across the widest spectrum, globally. It has been successful for both senior executives and new hires in Fortune 50 corporations and NGOs, as well as start-ups. It also serves the broadest range of people, including students, creative artists, entrepreneurs, physicians, homemakers, and solo professionals—virtually anyone wanting to manage a busy life more effectively.